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Play XiangQi (Chinese Chess) against each other, on Free Internet PlayXiangQi Server
Lance/Cannon, Elephant (XiangQi chessmen) and Silver General (Shogi Chessman)
An outstanding beautiful wooden chess set "3 chess in 1" gathering European and Asian chess, using a unique set of chessmen... Japanese(Shogi),European(Orthodox) & Chinese(XiangQi) Chess 
Shogi - Japanese Chess, with 3D Shogi Chessmen, Oriental Staunton-likeEuropean/Orthodox ChessXiangQi - Chinese Chess, with 3D XiangQi Chessmen, Oriental Staunton-like
has been released by Ludobis(R) - France

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For the very first time, discover Japanese Chess with European chessmen !
Shogi - Front viewShogi - rear view
Eurasia-Chess: a Westernized Shogi (Japanese Chess) adaptation, with bicolor 3D Shogi Chessmen (Shogi pieces), Oriental Staunton-like

Youtube: sample Shogi game play
using Eurasia-Chess 3D Shogi pieces

Shogi mate problem in 8 steps, by Sodayu Soeda
test these EurasiaChess 3D Shogi pieces here
Bicolor pieces are allowing change of owning player (when captured); pieces are promoted when put on a magnetized base.

Available products:
Eurasia-chess standard: Discover Asian chess! (Eurasia-chess wooden chessmen + double-sided split board xiangqi/shogi)

Eurasia-Chess Standard

Eurasia-Chess Extra: Complete Eurasian chess set "3 chess in 1" (Eurasia-Chess wooden chessmen + European wood/nacre folding chess box + double-sided split chessboard xiangqi/shogi)

Eurasia-Chess Extra


rules/manual: overview of Chinese/Japanese/European chess rules
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